100% Recycled Stationery

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    These rich brown, 100% recycled A4 and A5 sheets and coordinating envelopes in 15 packs as well as 10 packs of folded, 4x6" cards or place cards invite creative designers to write and print boldly. Banded without wrap. Imported from Belgium by OrangeArt.



     4.25x6.25" folded card pk 


     5.75"x8.25" (A5) sheet pk 


     8.25"x11.75" (A4) sheet pk 


     4.5x6.3" envelope pk (A5 sh, folded cd) 


     4.3"x8.85" envelope pk (A4 sh) 


     6.3x8.65" envelope pk (A4 sh) 


     3"x4" place card pk