Journals and Albums

Linen Post Albums
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWAL06POST -

These beautiful, hand-bound, linen-wrapped post albums have 20, heavy, natural white pages that have been lightly scored for easy turning. In two sizes and nine linen colors. Refills are available with a post extension.

Post Album Refill Pages 10pk
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWALR -

10, natural white refill sheet pack (20 pages) for the Bindewerk post albums. An extension post is included in the package.

Illustrator Notebooks
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWILD -

A rugged, practical hard cover book, handmade, with rounded corners, black linen spine, len loop, strap and a "receipt" envelope built into the back, inside cover. 96, lighted grey dotted pages-ideal for writing or drawing.

Linen Address Books
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWAD021 -

These beautiful, hand-bound address books from Bindewerk are designed to organize your contacts. Universal icons for email, telephone, mobile phone, etc. printed in light grey on fine cream paper. The 4.75x6.7" address book is bound in fine linen book cloth. Matching journals, post and sewn albums are available too! Hand-bound in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Handbook Portrait Journals hard-bound journal book cloth
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Item #: R-GLTR-P -

Handsome, round-cornered, hard-bound journals in two portrait sizes. Flled with natural white drawing paper. The elastic band keeps the book closed for travel. The back cover includes an integral plastic envelope for stamps, tickets, etc. Four cloth colors: black, red, green and blue.

Panoramic Linen Watercolor Journal Travelogue, linen, watercolor, journals, panorama
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Item #: R-GL769035 -

You can paint as well as write about your travels. This romantic, linen book is 3.5" x 8.25", filled with 140#CP watercolor paper. The ribbon bookmark and the clear envelope attached to the back cover give it a polish that other watercolor books do not. Pair with the Watercolor Travel Set for a wonderful gift.