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Classic Laid Business Sheet Pack
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: R-OCM271 -

All the aesthetics of the Original Crown Mill classic laid stationery in a practical, 50 sheet package. The 120g (approx 24#) 8.5" x 11" sheets are digital ready for impressive resumes and business correspondence. Imported from Belgium by OrangeArt.

Color Vellum Mini Card Assortment Sets
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: R-OACVG -

The 6, 2.5" x 3.75" flat cards and matching envelopes are available in assortment packs of cool: greens and blues, warm: oranges, pinks, yellows and red, neutral: white, cream, butters and greys, and a holiday assortment of white, green and red. A wonderful gift card or little note! Made in Belgium by Original Crown Mill and imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Recife Leather Pen Sheaths
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Recife Pens Item #: R-REC3009 -

These very soft, simple, leather pen sheaths from Recife are beautifully stitched and embossed with the Recife logo. The sheaths are particularly suited for the Recife roller ball. A wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates quality writing instruments. Made in France.

Recife Rollerball Pen Refills
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Recife Pens Item #: R-REC07022 -

The modern Scribe pens from Recife, France, are made of proprietary resins from a renewable resource, The colors and shape are simple and “modern”, yet they have a particularly weighty, balanced feel as a result of the solid brass interior. When you are ready to write you “pop-off” the round tip-protector and snap it on the back of the pen with a satisfying “click”. The ceramic roller-ball produces a controlled black ink flow as responsive as a fine art...

Linen "Sewn" Photo Albums
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWAL06SEWN -

These skillfully sewn, permanently bound, linen-wrapped albums have 30, dense, cream pages. Each page has been reinforced at the binding and "interleaved" with translucent paper to protect photographs. In four sizes and nine colors. Handmade in Germany.

Linen Post Albums
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Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: R-BWAL06POST -

These beautiful, hand-bound, linen-wrapped post albums have 20, heavy, natural white pages that have been lightly scored for easy turning. In two sizes and nine linen colors. Refills are available with a post extension.

Pure Cotton Correspondence Pad Original Crown Mill, Cotton,sheet pads, OCM
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: R-OCM40125 -

Pure Cotton stationery from Original Crown Mill, Belgium is natural white cotton in a soft wove finish. The 50, 5.75"" x 8.25" writing sheets are padded for easy storage. Pure Cotton is an excellent surface for fountain pen fans as well as a fine drawing paper. Made in Belgium. Imported by OrangeArt. Matching, lined envelopes are sold separately.

Winsor & Newton Pocket Watercolor Set Winsor & Newton, Cotman, Watercolor Set, travel
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Winsor & Newton Watercolor Item #: R-WN0390-640 -

Inside this little box is a wonderful adventure! 12 watercolor pans, a palette, and a collapsible brush are all the tools you need to sketch in watercolor while you travel. Combine this with the Cotman watercolor postcard and you have a unique gift for the creative traveler.

Worther Shorty Color Clutch Pencil
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: R-WORPCL -

This 4.25" long clutch pencil with a hexagonal barrel, is engineered to for a solid grip. Inside is a thick 3.15mm/7B lead that retracts with a click of the clip. A tube of two extra leads are included in the package. A joy to use and a creative and unusual gift. Made in Germany by Wörther Baden-Baden-a family enterprise.

Worther Solid Wood Clutch Pencils
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: R-WORPCL3 -

Whether you are an artist or an expressive writer, the simple, hexagonal or rounded profile of these 4.5" long, solid wood pencils are a pleasure to see and to use. The wood "button" on the top of the pencil releases the 3.15/7B thick lead. Packaged in a black, foil-stamped presentation box. This handmade pencil would be a wonderful gift!

"Bi-Color" Correspondence Box Original Crown Mill, Bi-Color, OCM, Note Cards, Cards, border
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: R-OCM-BI-LETT -

These laid finish writing sheets are finished with a printed border and color-coordinated, tissue-lined envelopes. These writing sheets are a "not too long" European (A5) 5.75" x 8.25" size. Ink-jet compatible. A generous, 25 sheets and envelopes are stored in a silver, foil-stamped box. Made in Belgium, imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Classic Laid Deckled Small Card Box Original Crown Mill, Gold, Boxed, Stationery, deckled, classic. laid surface, business cards
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: R-OCM610 -

These crisp, "classic" laid finish flat cards have a lovely deckled edge. The 25, 2.5 x 3.75" cards are boxed with 25 un-lined envelopes. We use them at OrangeArt for our larger-than-typical, business cards, printed letterpress. Could also be used as a gift enclosure or calling card. Made in Belgium. Imported by OrangeArt.