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    An innovative system patented by Giuliano Mazzuoli, the designer and founder of the company, is at the foundation of the new Stifflex collections that are born from the talent and the creativity of a number of young graphic designers who by giving a free outlet to their fantasies have conceived the covers for the new collections of notebooks. The hard/flexible cover notebook comes with an elastic closure, pocket/bookmark, document holder pocket, bookmark, and every notebook comes with a ruler/bookmark. The notebooks are made with uncoated ivory-colored paper of 80g. in the 9x14 cm (S-3.5x5.5") - comprised of 144 pages of which 96 are lined, 32 are blank, and 16 are graphed & 13x21cm (M-5x8.25"), 19x25cm (XL-7.5x10") formats - comprised of 192 pages of which 144 are lined, 32 are blank, and 16 are graphed. 



     Small (3.5 x 5.5") 


     Medium (5 x 8.25") 


     XLarge (7.5 x 10")