Pepin Postcard Artists' Colouring Books

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    Arabian Designs Art Deco Fashion Art Nouveau Bali
    Bauhaus Style Chinese Designs Claude Monet Ed. 2 Gustav Klimt Ed. 2
    India Japanese Designs Op Art Turkish Designs
    Vincent Van Gogh Ed. 2 William Morris Ed. 2

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    PEPIN Postcard Watercolour Books contain 20 cards, made of the finest acid free watercolor paper. The 250 gsm paper is reasonably thick to make the cards suitable for mailing. Apart from watercolour, practically all other techniques can be used to apply colour to the delicate designs in these books.

    PEPIN Postcard Watercolour Books match the quality of the finest professional watercolour pads. In order to get the best results, we recommend that you use high-quality colouring materials.