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Worther Solid Wood Clutch Pencils
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: R-WORPCL3 -

Whether you are an artist or an expressive writer, the simple, hexagonal or rounded profile of these 4.5" long, solid wood pencils are a pleasure to see and to use. The wood "button" on the top of the pencil releases the 3.15/7B thick lead. Packaged in a black, foil-stamped presentation box. This handmade pencil would be a wonderful gift!

Worther 3.15mm/7B Graphite Refills
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: R-WORRE315 -

A corrugated paper tube containing 4, 3.15mm/7B graphite lead refills for the W�rther Shorty or Wood clutch pencils.

Tixx Color Gel 3-Pen Assortment
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Platignum Pens Item #: R-SNPL50502 -

Platignum gel pens have a soft grip body and special smudge-free ink made from a special, hybrid ball point and gel formula for a very smooth, opaque writing experience. One turquoise, purple and pink gel pen per card. Imported from England by OrangeArt.

Panoramic Linen Watercolor Journal Travelogue, linen, watercolor, journals, panorama
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Item #: R-GL769035 -

You can paint as well as write about your travels. This romantic, linen book is 3.5" x 8.25", filled with 140#CP watercolor paper. The ribbon bookmark and the clear envelope attached to the back cover give it a polish that other watercolor books do not. Pair with the Watercolor Travel Set for a wonderful gift.

Recife Marble Rollerball Pens
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Recife Pens Item #: R-REC011080 -

A fine, roller ball pen with a solid brass interior and a beautiful marbleized resin shaft. Simple, elegant and guaranteed by Recife for life. Made in France, imported by OrangeArt.