Worther Profil Alum 5" Mechanical Pencils, Ballpoint & Fountain Pens

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    These writing instruments are approximately 1/2" longer and considerably slimmer than the the extra-thick 5.6mm lead Worther Profil clutch pencils. This Worther Profil line consists of an aluminum mechanical pencil with an integral eraser and a .5HB lead, a rollerball pen (blue ink "Parker" system) or a fountain pen with an iridium "M" nib in your choice of a natural aluminum, black or grey striated aluminum barrel. The rollerball pen and the fountain pen have a matching cap which clicks firmly onto the back of the instrument when writing. Each of the writing instruments have an integral clip. They are boxed in a deep black presentation box with a silver foil-stamped "Worther" logo.



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