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Worther Profil Alum Sharpener/Penstand Sharpener
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORSHPNR/PENSTND -

For the Profil mechanical pencil there is a sharpener or penstand with integrated sharpener. Both are made of natural anodized aluminum and obtainable separately. The sharpener can be used for a 5.6mm lead.

Worther Shorty Alum Clutch Pencil
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL150 -

The Worther "Shorty" is a hexagonal, anodized aluminum natural clutch pencil with a top button that retracts the 3.15mm/7B graphite lead. Presented in an elegant black presentation box or a black leather case.

Worther Profil Alum 5" Mechanical Pencils, Rollerball & Fountain Pens
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Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WOR5 -

These writing instruments are approximately 1/2" longer and considerably slimmer than the the extra-thick 5.6mm lead Worther Profil clutch pencils. This Worther Profil line consists of an aluminum mechanical pencil with an integral eraser and a .5HB lead, a rollerball pen (blue ink "Parker" system) or a fountain pen with an iridium "M" nib in your choice of a natural aluminum, black or grey striated aluminum barrel. The rollerball pen and the fountain pen have a matching cap which clicks...

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Sketch Pocketbox Winsor & Newton, Cotman, Watercolor Set, travel
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Winsor & Newton Watercolor Item #: WN0390-640 -

Inside this little box is a creative adventure! 12 watercolor pans, a palette, and a collapsible brush are all the tools you need to sketch in watercolor while you travel. Combine this with the Cotman watercolor postcard or a Handbook linen watercolor book and you have a special gift for the creative traveler.

Recife Riviera Shakin Ballpoint Pens
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Recife Pens Item #: REC171010 -

The 4.1" "Shakin" pen will become your favorite traveling companion. These beautiful resin and stainless ballpoint pens have been designed to quickly release or retract the black ink ballpoint with a simple "shake" of the pen. Available in a beautiful white gift box. Made in Paris, guaranteed by Recife.

Recife Riviera Baby Press Fountain Pens
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Recife Pens Item #: REC101017 -

The "Baby Press" 4.76" fountain pens from Recife, France, are simple and modern, yet they have a particularly weighty, balanced feel as a result of the solid brass interior. Closed, the pen is compact and portable. When you are ready to write you attach the cover to the back of the pen for a perfectly weighted writing instrument. The tip is steel. The flow is medium. A black cartridge is included. Standard ink cartridge replacement are available. Guaranteed by Recife....